Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting married!!!

Since I met the girl of my dreams, I decided to marry her. Luckily for me she came to the same conclusion. I asked her to marry me shortly after building that fence on May the 29th. We both knew it was coming so my challenge was to try to still make it a surprise.

She came out to California to see me and I had her convinced that I was going to propose at Disneyland. I would "accidentally" drop hints about proposing at Disneyland and such. I knew that Disneyland would be a hassle and maybe not that special considering there would be like thousands of people there. So I planned to propose on the beach at sunset a few days before we went to Disneyland.

My first task was to get her to make the suggestion to have a bonfire on the beach. Just so I don't give away my secrets of mind control, lets just say that it worked. She was so excited to hand out at the beach at night with a roaring fire to keep us comfortable.

I then had to enlist my sister to help me set everything up. Since I would be with Kristy the whole day, it would be hard to surprise her if she saw me putting out a candle-light dinner on the beach.

We then had a beautiful day at the beach where I told her all day how much I loved her. We then went looking for a grocery store to buy hot dogs and marshmallows (I had to keep her hungry with food coming at the fire). When we finally got to the location I stopped the car about 100 feet from where my sister set everything up. We walked along the beach until she saw the bonfire next to a candle light dinner and 100 roses. I proposed to her at sunset on the beach and she said yes.
This is a picture of me on my knee proposing.

This is a shot of the ring on my hand (I know I should have been a hand model)

So now it was time to plan the wedding. I had a job during the summer in San Diego while Kristy was working near Salt Lake City. So this cause a lot of headaches and plan tickets to SLC and back. Kristy did an excellent job of planning the wedding without much help from me and I will always be grateful to her.

Since we both worked all week and I could only visit on weekends, we were not able to get a marriage license all summer (the clerks office is closed on weekends). Since I was coming up a few days before the wedding (my job officially ended the day before the wedding), we decided to get the license the day before the wedding since she was still working the other days. So on that Friday we had a bunch of stuff to do to get ready and totally forgot about the license until 6pm one hour after the offices had closed for the weekend. I almost died. for the next 3 hours we were calling everyone we knew to try to find connections to any county clerk in the state of Utah. After what seemed like forever, Kristy's Uncle found someone who was willing to come into the office on Saturday and give us a license. It was a miracle.

So after we got our license we were married at about 4:30pm August 23rd, 2008 in the Salt Lake City Temple.