Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Evil Swivel Chairs

Now before everyone starts to get mad at me, I am not saying that all swivel chairs are evil, actually quite the contrary. I love swivel chairs more than I love ball-point pens, and that is saying something. What I hate though, are the swivel chairs that don’t lean back.

Today I got into work really looking forward to twirling and leaning in my very own swivel chair. You know that swivel chair that you have been using for years and you have it set just right. Well, today someone stole my chair and replaced it with a chair that swivels but is locked in an upright position

Now I have nothing against people who like to have good posture, but sitting in a swivel chair that is locked straight up makes me feel like I should be a productive employee. When I am able to lean back in my swivel chair, that guilt that people feel when they are playing solitaire at work just seems to fade away like an uncomfortable dream involving the French.

Luckily I still have a cube within 20 feet of a window that overlooks the parking lot. I could spend days looking out that window instead of doing work.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stencils Are The Best!!!!

I don't think I have met a stencil I did not like. If there is a better way of making the same repetitive patterns and letters over and over again, I have not heard about it.

All my friends think I have amazing calligraphy skills, but my secret is simply stencils. Sure it may take more time than it is worth, but how else can you write things on normal paper and have the world believe it is typed? I once tried cutting letters out of magazines and arranging them into words and sentences for an essay I wrote in High School, but for some reason the teacher got all freaked out and called the police. After having to go through a costly court battle about my intentions, I decided I would only use stencils from that day forward.

And stencils are not just for writing letters about how peoples loved ones can be returned, but they can also be used for cool pictures. Like check out this cool stencil ->
I used that to make myself a tattoo for Christmas. It is funny because I see the Pope as more of an AK-47 guy. That gun totally doesn't suit his personality type. I think it is called ironic. But I digress. Stencils are and always will be off all of the following: da chain, da hook, da hinge, and da faschizzle.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Is Obama the savior of America?

Why do liberals like Obama so much? Would they like him if he was white?

Why is there such a double standard in America? Naturally we should not attack Obama because he is black or Hillary because she is a woman, but that does not mean we cannot attack them on relevant issues. People are so afraid of being seen as a racist if they attack the man on almost any issue. I see no reason why we cannot treat politicians as scum no matter what their race or gender.

Today I heard on NPR that Obama has a quest to unite Americans for change. That is such crap. Obama only wants to unite Americans so they vote for him. Obama, like almost every other politician out there could really care less about anyone besides themselves. It is a sad truth, but no one is out for your best interest, only your votes.

People of true principle are just not found in government anymore simply because they could never get elected. Even though I disagree with most of what he says, Ron Paul at least has a view that he sticks to no matter what. If was the most unelectable person this campaign season. If the founding fathers were running in this day, they would drop out after the Iowa caucuses. A sad state of things in this once great land.

Reparations for slavery

Driving into work the other day I heard some guy from Florida on NPR almost demanding that people give African-Americans money and other things if they can prove that they are descendants of slaves.

As a Caucasian-American, I am appalled by the way that my ancestors treated people of African origin. Even though my genealogy only points toward the north and California, I still feel the burden of guilt of what people of my race did.

That being said, I think reparations are not only a shallow idea but they will also perpetuate animosity on both sides. Monetary compensation of any kind will never "make things right." There is no way to make things right, only ways to make things better today. Dwelling on the mistakes of the past will never bring justice or peace. African-Americans who receive money as a reparation will still harbor ill-will towards white people.

Reparations will create very hostile feelings amongst white people who will see it as a race tax; a tax for being white. African-Americans will use the existence of this tax as proof that white people owe them something. This will never improve race relations in this country, it will only make it worse.

As was mentioned on the program, I think memorials and museums would be a fantastic idea. It will honor those who died and were treated horribly by white slave owners. But if every one's goal is to break down the race barrier, to bring everyone onto equal ground, and improve the quality of life of all Americans, the African-American community must follow the words of Nelson Mandela and forgive the white people of this country. I cannot speak for all Caucasian-Americans, but I ask the all African-Americans to forgive us. We did terrible and unspeakable things and we feel horrible about it. The only way to true racial peace is through forgiveness, not punishment.

But the African-American "leaders" in this nation try to perpetuate the problems with race and not let people heal (Al being the worst of them).

Over 230,000 white people died trying to end slavery (this is just the deaths of the northern army). And if African-Americans have to prove slave ancestors, the people that actually pay the reparations should only be the descendants of slave owners.

And if reparations are for the Jim crow era, shouldn't all oppressed groups get reparations for their sufferings? What about the Irish? The Chinese? The Mormons (there was actually a law making the murder of a Mormon legal. The law wasn't repealed until the 70's)? Don't they deserve some money for the hardships their ancestors put up with?